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Use our mulch, stone, or soil calculator to find the exact quantity needed for your next project.  Quantities are measured per cubic yard. Note that for most materials, one cubic yard is equivalent to 1.5 tons, and a half yard is equivalent to 3/4 tons.

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How do I measure Cubic Yards?

It's easy. Measure the length and width of your garden area that needs to be filled. Next, enter the height (or depth) in inches the material will lay. For example, 2 inches is mulch is standard and 4 inches is considered the premium taller option. Othertimes, you may just one inch of compost. If you have any questions, give us a call and we would be happy to help.

Bulk Mulch Prices (per cu. yd.)

  • Regular Shredded Hardwood: $30.00
  • Red Dyed Mulch: $45.00
  • Mahogany Dyed Mulch: $40.00
  • Black Dyed Mulch: $40.00
  • ‘Woodcarpet’ Playground Mulch: $45.00

Bulk Stone Pricing (per cu. yd.)

  • Cr6 Blue Gray (Crusher Run): $70.00
  • 1-3″ River Rock: $190.00
  • 3/4″ River Rock: $190.00
  • 57# Stone Blue Gray: $75.00
  • 57# Stone Marble Chip (White): $75.00
  • Concrete Sand: $70.00

Bulk Soil Pricing (per cu. yd.)

  • Topsoil: $40.00
  • Fill Dirt: $30.00
  • Mixed: $40.00
  • Leaf Compost: $40.00
  • Mushroom Compost: $40.00
  • Leaf Compost: $40.00

Premium Mulch

High-quality mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and enhance the attractiveness of your garden beds. Our double shredded hardwood mulch is available natural, or dyed black, mahogany [dark brown] or red. Certified playground mulch is also available for schools, daycares, and play areas.
Our premium natural and organic dyed mulches come from one of Maryland’s largest landscape supply companies located in Harford County. Colored mulches are dyed with an organic vegetable dye that is 100% safe for children, pets, and the environment.

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Fill Dirt, Cr6 Blue Gray (Crusher Run), 1-3″ River Rock, 3/4″ River Rock, 57# Stone Blue Gray, 57# Stone Marble Chip (White), Concrete Sand, Sand and Stone, Topsoil, Regular Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Leaf Compost, Mushroom Compost, Mixed (Bulk), ‘Woodcarpet’ Certified Playground Mulch, Red Dyed Mulch, Mahogany Dyed Mulch, Black Dyed Mulch