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Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, 2 Ways

By May 21, 2020May 26th, 2020Himmel's Blog

We have been loving the fresh produce now available in our store, arriving weekly from a co-op of Maryland and Pennsylvania based farms and organized by AgriChicks. This past week we were fortunate to receive gorgeous portobello mushroom caps, some the size of a dessert plate! Kathy and I shared our excitement and potential recipes with one another and decided to try crab-stuffed portobello caps-two different ways.

Luckily living in the Bay area, we had fresh lump crab meat at our disposal and were both able to create something similarly delicious yet unique. Kathy and her husband, Tom, are experts on eating gluten-free. Whereas I enjoy more than my fair share of carbs on the daily! But it was fun to see how delicious both interpretations of the same dish came out. I knew I had to share our recipes in hopes of inspiring a fun and easy summer dish to impress your loved ones and blow away your taste buds.

  • Tom’s Gorgeous Gluten Free Crab Cake Portobello’s

Can be found here:

  • Madi’s Creamy and Cheesy Crab Portobello’s

Can be found here:

The best part about both interpretations is the base of a healthy, fresh, and sustainable main ingredient. Portobello mushrooms are fairly easy to grow. They do well in deep beds of rich compost soil and are meant to be kept in a dark place until you see the white cap pop through the ground. As a health benefit they also contain lots of protein, fiber, and vitamin B. Research suggests that eating mushrooms often can help with weight management, immune function, and regulating glucose levels.

Although neither of us crafted our recipes ourselves, it was fun to try out these creative interpretations and compare results. Kathy was kind enough to bring me a sample of Tom’s recipe so I could try it for myself and figure out how I wanted to make my own. Although times are tough and it can be hard to express our appreciation for one another, the simple act of kindness Kathy showed made me feel loved as we bonded over the joy of cooking! I encourage everyone reading this to have a friendly cook-off with a loved one and share with us your creations!

As for sourcing fresh portobellos, check out our weekly produce list on Facebook @himmelsgardencenter, or sign up for a monthly CSA subscription directly through Agrichicks at!

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