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Fall Lawn Revitalizing Tips!

Laura from Garden Answer uses Himmel's favorite Espoma products!
Soil Test

Get a soil test done to ensure the health of your soil. New grass will grow best when the pH of the soil is 6.5-7.2. Apply amendments to correct the pH of your soil as needed.


Generally, mowing your lawn to 2.5-3” tall is best.


Remove dead plant matter. This will help your new seed to have contact with the soil.


This puts holes into your lawn and helps circulate oxygen into your soil.

Apply starter fertilizer

This will give your new seed the nutrients it needs to survive. (There are fertilizers that contain low to no phosphorus if your soil has a healthy concentration of phosphorus)

Apply grass seed

We offer sun tolerant tall fescue blends as well as a blend specifically made for the shade. Ensure the best value by avoiding seed blends that have a high concentration of annual rye grass or weed seed in general.

Apply a cover to your grass seed

We offer straw. Covering your seed will help keep it in place as it grows. It will also deter animals from eating the seed.

Water your new seed

Water every day in the morning and evening (except when it rains) until your new grass is 3.5-4” tall or tall enough to mow. It is important that your lawn is watered evenly every time it receives hydration. Keeping your lawn tall (3.5-4”) will help deter weed seeds from sprouting as well.

Contact Himmel's today for a soil test and lawn treatment plan!

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