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Ponds, fountains, waterfalls, koi gardens… These types of waterscapes are living works of art that add a peaceful and Zen-like ambiance to your landscape while also helping our native wildlife.

Check out our top 3 reasons to add a waterscape to your yard in 2023!

  1. Water features serve as a rest stop for many species of birds and other pollinators, providing an opportunity to drink, bathe, and cool off in the heat of summer. The addition of a water feature may even entice some birds to stay – and nest – providing hours of visual enjoyment and functional appeal as they snack on pesky insects like flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. The most beneficial types of waterscapes for pollinators are reflecting pools, fountains, ponds with waterfall features, and water gardens. A koi garden is another great way to reduce insects from invading the backyard!
  2. Waterscapes create a relaxing and soothing place to unwind. We like to think of them as a peaceful getaway within the overall landscape. The sound of flowing water from a fountain, waterfall, or small stream can help to ease your mind after a stressful day, or provide a backdrop for enjoying a cup of tea or indulging in healing yoga and meditation practice.
  3. A water feature can help transform an outdoor space into the perfect destination for entertaining family, neighbors, and friends. Imagine enjoying a romantic brunch with your sweetheart while the soothing and refreshing sounds of a fountain splash in the background. Or – picture your grandchildren gathered around the water garden, observing goldfish, tadpoles and dragonflies together on a balmy summer day. A thoughtfully planned waterscape can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and serve as a learning tool that provides many teachable moments.

Our friends at Beaver Pond Lawn and Landscape are the area experts in waterscape design and installation! Contact them today to learn how you can improve an existing water feature or add a brand new waterscape to your backyard!

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