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Do you dread spending your free time mowing a lawn that never seems to grow as green or weed-free as you’d like it to?

Lose the Lawn

Do you dread spending your free time mowing a lawn that never seems to grow as green or weed-free as you’d like it to? Have you heard of lawn-free alternatives, but are uncertain how to make it happen in your yard? Let the experts at Himmel’s Landscape and Garden Center help you lose the lawn and create a better, healthier, and more beautiful world by replacing it with a pollinator-friendly habitat!

At Himmel’s, we offer two popular lawn alternatives: a drought tolerant rock garden filled with hardy perennials and native shrubs, or a blooming wildflower meadow that provides outstanding color and interest.

Hardy Rock Garden

Add architectural interest with beautiful boulders and colorful river rock! Careful placement of native shrubs will provide food and habitat for songbirds and beneficial pollinators, while pockets of hardy perennials and succulents draw the eye and add interesting color and texture. Add a few ornamental edible plants like blueberries, kale, bronze fennel, and Swiss chard to make the best use of space. Careful selection and proper installation will ensure that the beauty grows, and the maintenance is minimized!

Go Wild with Wildflowers!

Planting a beneficial wildflower meadow, even one as small as 20 square feet, will have a tremendous impact on our native wildlife, providing food and shelter for precious pollinators including bees, birds, and butterflies. Replacing any portion of lawn with a biologically diverse wildflower meadow will help draw beneficial insects, control pests like mosquitos and white flies, and contribute to a healthier, balanced ecosystem.

Did you know that spending time outdoors observing nature contributes to improved wellness?

A new wildflower garden can positively benefit your family and neighbors! The visual appeal of colorful blooms and seedheads, the beautiful variety of pollinators and birds that will be attracted to the new habitat, the pleasing fragrances, and the delight of birdsong will surely bring added joy.

Call today to get started!

Whether you prefer a wildflower meadow or a hardy rock garden, our friendly and professional landscaping team can’t wait to help you replace the lawn with an environmentally friendly alternative. We will help with a personalized design, professional installation, and post-installation guidance and clear instruction to ensure the success of your new garden.

Contact us today at 410-255-7730 or to schedule your free consultation.

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