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Espoma Organic Products

By May 27, 2020August 23rd, 2023Gardening Blog

At Himmel’s, we take pride in carrying products that are safe for our neighbors and for our planet. Plus, our goal is for our customers to find great joy – and success – in their gardening endeavors. That is why we love carrying a wide selection of Espoma Organic gardening products!

One of our favorite products is Espoma Biotone Starter Plus. This granular fertilizer contains both endo and ecto mycorrhizae, which are beneficial microbes that result in larger root mass and bigger blooms. Application of Biotone Starter Plus at planting time reduces transplant loss, and is recommended for use on trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, and veggies.

For vegetable, herb and flower gardening, we recommend a top-dressing of Espoma’s Organic Mushroom Compost. This rich and beneficial compost improves poor soils, which helps plants flourish as they are nourished at the root. You can check out results in our raised bed gardens, featured in our ‘What’s in the Garden’ video series.

We especially love Espoma’s Garden Tone which does wonders for vegetable and fruit plants due to its perfect blend of important nutrients including: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Soluble Potash, Calcium, and Magnesium. The science behind this special combination guarantees bigger and more delicious vegetables!

At Himmel’s, we carry a large selection of rose bushes, from beautiful and floriferous knockout roses to fragrant, old-fashioned roses like those from grandma’s garden. Many of our neighbors ask us how to keep these gorgeous flowers blooming and healthy. We recommend Espoma Rose Tone, a slow-release granular fertilizer that can be used the entire growing season to encourage prize-winning blooms. To combat pesky Japanese beetles and rose slugs, or treat for powdery mildew or other fungal diseases, we recommend Espoma’s Organic Neem Oil. Neem oil is an all-natural and highly effective 3- in- 1 fungicide, miticide, and insecticide that works to kill eggs, larvae and adult insects which may cause damage and lead to other problems.

Whether it’s for your summer palms and tropicals, acid-loving rhododendrons and azaleas, blooming annuals and perennials, or to grow the biggest and juiciest tomatoes in town, Espoma has the perfect fertilizer to suit your gardening needs.

Some of the other organic products that we carry include Espoma’s:

  • Lawn Starter
  • Seed Starter
  • Potting Mix (in 3 different sizes)
  • Multi-use Fungicides
  • Assorted Insecticides
  • Liquid Plant and Cactus Food
  • Weed Preventer
  • Lawn food for every season
  • All-purpose Garden Soil
  • Veggie and Flower Garden Soil
  • Raised Bed Mix Soil

And many others!

Come in today and shop our large selection of plants and products. And if you want to learn more about Espoma’s great selection, visit their website, and check out their cool blog Garden Answer featuring the smart and savvy Laura LeBoutillier!

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