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Cut Tree and Greenery Care

Fresh cut trees and greens add a festive touch to the holidays. With proper care, you can enjoy them all season.

Here are a few tips:

Cut Trees

  • Make a fresh cut at the base of the tree and get it into water within one hour to prevent the sap from sealing, preventing the tree from taking up water.
  • Keep plenty of water in the tree stand. Your tree may use a gallon or more water a day and the stand may need to be refilled more than once.
  • Adding Prolong to the water will assist in the uptake of water and will help the tree retain its needles longer.
  • Place the tree away from heat vents and other heat sources.
  • Help prevent electric fires by inspecting all cords and unplugging your tree when you are not home.

Fresh Greens

  • Soak overnight or up to 24 hours and keep in a cool location, like the garage, until you are ready to decorate.
  • Keep away from heat vents and other heat sources. Temporarily remove greens from the mantle when the fireplace is in use.
  • Avoid placing wreaths and greenery between the main door and storm door. The heat and sun will accelerate drying out.
  • Daily misting will assist in moisture retention.
  • You may spray greens with an anti-desiccant such as Wilt-Pruf, which acts as a protective coating to prevent moisture loss. Always use outside and dry thoroughly before re-hanging them. Avoid using on junipers and berries as the product will cause them to turn black.

The team at Himmel’s Landscape and Garden Center wish you a joy filled holiday.

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